Home design solutions for acreage living

When it comes to building your dream acreage home, you’re likely to face a number of challenges. Perhaps the biggest of these (at least at the design stage) is that there are just too many options to choose from.

Acreage home design with a view

For example, you want to make the most of the view, but your block (like so many acreage blocks in southeast Queensland) might offer fantastic views in ALL directions. Do you build your home to overlook the tall gums to the West or the rainforest to the North? Or go with a house design that overlooks the valley to the South or the ocean view to the East?

Practical planning essential

Another house design challenge arises when your best view is to the west or the south, but the ideal position for your outdoor living area is on the northeast.

In order to have the best of both worlds, you must take a practical approach to your home design. Practical planning, in which you prioritise all the best elements of your block, will help you and your builders create a home that takes maximum advantage of the benefits your land has to offer.

Elements to consider when designing your home

Design for acreage living needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. This means there is plenty to consider. For example, how will the design accommodate effective water collection? Where will it allow for the placement of solar power panels?

The great outdoors

In keeping with our Australian culture of outdoor living and our love of entertaining, the main focus of your house design should be creating an outdoor living area that works for you in all seasons. A good residential architect will focus on your outdoor living area and design the rest of your home around that.

The comforts of an acreage home

Indoors, the design should incorporate high ceilings, and plenty of natural light.  Not to mention getting the full benefit of surrounding vistas.

A well thought out design that captures summer breezes might mean that you rarely need to air condition your acreage home. However, when the driving rain comes in from the south you’ll be glad of a house design that gives you option to control unwelcome wind and weather.

With the right approach you can take in all the best views and have an outdoor area and spacious home that compliments the many great features of your land.