21 Years of Experience

Civic Steel Homes are celebrating 21 Years in business this year and much of the team you see today have been working together for 10 to 15 years or more, fine tuning our Design & Build service. We invite you to follow our work and engage us on your next design project as we look ahead and continue to find ways to improve our process and the end result that our clients call ‘Home’.

Where Civic Steel Homes began

For many years before Civic Steel Homes was established, Jeff Konig and his long term business partner were subdividing and selling land throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast. When their clients were buying land in one of their larger developments at Spring Mountain, they found it difficult to find reliable builders and ones who were building in steel frame. They considered steel frame the only way to build due to the increasing termite activity. So, they started their own building company, Civic Steel Homes, in September of 1996.

Being a faster and safer way to build, Jeff assumed that all builders would soon be building in steel, so he wanted to develop Civic Steel Homes with a quality design component that would give them an edge in the market place in years to come. Since then, he partnered with our Architect and Licensed Builder, Kelly Grimley, and from 2001 they worked together with a passion for good design and ever improving service.

At the time, the company was building a very high volume of project homes and with Kelly’s input soon established a separate wing to manage a more specialised custom design process. It became clear that these two sides of the business were completely different and you couldn’t carry the same trades, skills or pricing from project building through to custom building.

So, within 2 years Jeff steered the company to focus solely on custom design and gradually established a team of the right trades and suppliers that could cope with and deliver, one-off Architect designed projects – not an easy task finding those capable of taking on a more thorough process and service.

By 2004 processes were in place and display homes were established through Brisbane as well as on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. The company was still very large by custom builder standards and progressing quickly, but this would soon change. In 2008, the drastic changes that came with the Global Financial Crisis, led Jeff to very quickly foresee and make a move to halve the size of the company. This foresight saw Civic Steel work through a lean building period with the core team of staff and suppliers that you see today.

Since then and still today, the staff come together once a week for an R&D meeting focussed on the continual improvement of the company. We hope every one of our clients benefits from the experience of our long standing team and the service Civic Steel homes and our partnering trades and suppliers now deliver.