A Brisbane builder’s thoughts on great bathroom design

At Civic Steel Homes, we’ve helped many people create fantastic bathrooms as part of their new homes. And like any room, we believe that when designing your bathroom it’s important to concentrate on functionality — then the visual elements will follow.

Here are two key points to consider when planning your new bathroom…

Home builder tip 1: Divide up your bathroom space

As a leading Brisbane builder, our philosophy is to design every room with liveability in mind. With your bathroom, one issue to consider is the ‘traffic jam’ that can occur when everyone in the house wants to use the space at the same time. To solve this, our architects will sometimes divide up the area to include three separate sections — a walk through vanity basin vestibule, a separate toilet room and a shower/bath room — leaving you with a practical bathroom that can accommodate three users at the same time.

Home builder tip 2: Incorporate step-free thresholds into your design

With a bit of planning you will be able to have no change in level when entering the wet areas or shower recess, which is not only a visual improvement but also avoids any midnight toe stubbing. Designing your bathrooms to have no hobs or thresholds is a smart housing priority, as it makes the home user-friendly for people of all ages and abilities.

Home builder tip 3: Harness natural light and ventilation

Natural light and ventilation are important in any room, but in the bathroom they are essential elements for keeping the space clean, fresh and mildew-free.

Where possible, large windows should be used. If privacy is an issue make them obscure or high level, as this will produce maximum natural light and ventilation — resulting in a light, breezy bathroom that you’ll enjoy spending time in. Even little things can make a difference: for example, it’s useful to consider the best place for your towel rail. Which parts of the bathroom get the most sun? Where does the airflow come from? Keeping light and ventilation in mind will help ensure your towel dries effectively throughout the day, and result in a functional space that’s easy to live in.

If you’d like to find out more about designing a functional, liveable house, contact the team of Brisbane builders at Civic Steel Homes on (07) 3714 5900.