Building a new home? Arrange a Free Onsite Ideas Meeting.

Imagine you’ve just bought a block of land and you’re ready to build your dream home. You have all your ideas and plans clear in your mind. Then as it starts to unfold, you realise it isn’t going to be as straightforward as you first thought.

 “The orientation isn’t perfect”… The covenant won’t allow some of your ideas”… “The zoning won’t allow certain aspects of your design”… “Features of your property and their impact on design are more costly than you thought”…

…and before you know it, your dream home is a shadow of its former self.  However, there is an alternative.


Before you decide to build a new home – in fact, before you even purchase the land if you haven’t already – arm yourself with the correct information to enable you to make informed decisions. Arrange an Onsite Ideas Meeting with Civic Steel Homes.

It’s the perfect way to not only make sure that everything you have in mind is achievable within your budget, but also to get some terrific ideas you may not have thought about… or even thought possible!

And the best part of all, for genuine new home builders it is 100% obligation free. After the initial site meeting you can decide to have us start design work or not.

However, based on the reaction of previous new home buyers who have availed themselves to this complimentary service, we are quietly confident you will be genuinely impressed with the calibre of our ideas and the infectious enthusiasm of our team.

How our Ideas Meeting will make your new home exceptional.

As the first step in Civic Steel Homes’ 4-step Building Process, the onsite Ideas Meeting is extremely thorough.

The first thing our team (comprised of architect, builder, project manager and others on a need-to-be-there basis) will do is meet with you on site – at a mutually convenient time – to evaluate your site conditions and discuss your brief. Your wish list as it were.

This is done to provide an early estimate or price range of where your project sits. We will garnish you with the parameters and inclusions we have based this on, making your next decision a little less of a leap of faith.

Then we will initiate searches to establish all site restrictions including town planning, covenants, services, soil conditions and site surveys.

These results allow us to refine the preliminary estimate with any new information gathered, prior to starting the concept design stage.

During the initial meeting, we will provide you with:

  • invaluable advice on the best possible design features to suit your block, your budget and your lifestyle requirements
  • critical information on how to get your project to proceed, and
  • a realistic time frame for your project, from concept to moving in and being the envy of all your family and friends.


Buying land? Perfect!

The sooner you get us on site the better. That way we can do a full feasibility on what the potential costs to build might be.

Even if you are just contemplating buying land, you should give us a call.

We have run our expert eye over numerous blocks with our clients prior to them making an offer,  giving them an accurate ‘guestimate’ of the overall cost of the land and house.

If you want to avoid some rude shocks – and conversely get some very pleasant surprises – call Civic Steel Homes on 3714 5900 and arrange a Free Onsite Ideas Meeting in the very near future.

After all, you have nothing to lose and your dream home to gain.