Choosing a hot water system for your new home? Read this guide

Choosing a hot water system can be complicated, which is why it pays to explore all the options before making your final decision.
Of course, as a leading greensmart home builder we can give you advice about the best system for your circumstances — but it’s also useful to do as much research as you can yourself. That’s why we recommend you read the ‘Hot water systems buying guide’ on the Choice website.

Gas, solar or heat pump — which system is best when building a new home?

The Choice buying guide explains that the most common fuels for heating water are electricity and gas — although it doesn’t mention that since January 2010, the Queensland government has been phasing out electrical hot water systems in houses and townhouses (class 1 buildings) located within reticulated natural gas areas. This means that when building a new house, you can install a gas, solar (with electric booster) or heat pump system — but not a traditional electric hot water system. Perhaps due to these regulations, solar power is becoming an increasingly popular choice, especially for those looking to live in a sustainable house.

The Choice team outline a number of incentives for solar water heating, including the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) scheme and Government rebates. It’s worth noting that rebates offered may differ depending on where you live.

Storage or instantaneous water heaters?

Storage heaters work like their name suggests, by heating up water in a tank and storing it there until you use it. Instantaneous heaters, on the other hand, immediately heat water as and when you need it — minimising wasted energy.

Points to consider

The buying guide gives you a number of things to consider when deciding on the best type of hot water system for your household, including:

•    The number of people that live under your roof,
•    Your design of your house, and
•    The amount of sunlight your roof gets (both in the winter and summer months).

To read the full article, click here. If you’d like to find our more about hot water system options when planning your new home, call our experienced team on (07) 3714 5900.


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