Contemporary homes Brisbane: Everything old is new…again.

Contemporary home design in Brisbane has gone full circle.

Wallpaper is back in vogue, taking the design scene by storm with stylish patterns and eye-popping colours that resonate with contemporary yet timeless styles.

They boast for example sleek chrome, vibrant shades, geometric shapes, bold floral patterns and stripes.

Designers never really stopped using wallpaper to add interest and style to a room, however consumers largely turned away from it in the 1990s in favor of neutral color schemes and flat paint.

Only in the last year or two have we started to embrace a modern version of wallpaper, recognizing some of its advantages over paint and creating some of the most stylish contemporary homes Brisbane has seen in years.

Forget about the tacky wallpaper of the 1970s and 80s; modern wallpaper is sleek and stylish. It features fresh colors, textures and patterns. You won’t find any psychedelic sunflowers or over-the-top, pastel garden prints.

With modern wallpaper, you can go as bold or understated as you’d like. Geometric shapes are popular, as are modern versions of floral and botanical prints. Metallic and textured wallpapers are also popular. You can even buy wallpaper that mimics the look of fabrics such as leather.

Modern wallpaper is much easier to use. It is lighter, and it goes up easier. More importantly, it’s much easier to remove.

Finally, the way we use wallpaper has changed. Instead of papering an entire room, it’s common to use wallpaper as an accent for a single wall, a bathroom, a hallway or even a ceiling.

Using wallpaper sparingly creates depth and interest without overwhelming a space.

No doubt you can expect to see wallpaper being used to tremendous effect in Civic Steel Display Homes.