Tips from a sustainable home builder — how to create the best acreage home design for your needs

When it comes to building your dream acreage home, there’s really no limit to what you can achieve – especially if you want to be sustainable. [See “10 Tips For Energy Efficient Home Design“]

The vast amount of available space means you can design your house to be as liveable as possible… unlike the design constraints when building a townhouse or apartment. If planned correctly, with functional positioning of the rooms, your new acreage home will be a haven of panoramic views, prevailing breezes and northern winter sun.

So, what are the key points to consider when Designing & Building your acreage home? We’ve outlined them below…

Acreage Builder Tip 1: Design your home to suit your lifestyle

Your acreage property is a blank canvas, so there are fewer restrictions such as neighbours, boundary setbacks and easements when it comes to designing the perfect home for your lifestyle.

How does the kitchen interact with the outdoor area? Should you allow for a future pool? Do you need a large garage for storing outdoor gear? Your new acreage home should perfectly reflect your needs, which is why you must think carefully about the space you want to create — before going over with your acreage home designs builder.

Acreage Builder Tip 2: Optimise your acreage home for local conditions

As acreage builders, we don’t just take your lifestyle into account — we also consider your particular area of land, as well as the climate you live in.

To ensure that your home is built in the best possible way for its surroundings, we’ll visit your land to understand its micro climate, the direction the sun rises in, where the breeze usually comes from, and which areas are sloping or uneven. We check all the normal tick boxes of northern orientation, solar passive and cross flow ventilation. These factors are all vital when designing your sustainable, efficient acreage house.

Acreage Builder Tip 3: Consider water conservation, waste treatment and bushfire requirements

Building on an acreage block is completely different to building in a town or city. The isolated nature of your land means there are many different factors to take into account — each requiring a specialised solution. Your acreage builder will know how to deal with waste treatment, water conservation, bushfire requirements and many other acreage issues, leaving you with a fully functional acreage home that you will enjoy for many years.

If you’d like to find out more about our acreage home design service, call one of our Project Managers, Or see some classic examples of what we have achieved.


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