Narrow Block House Designs

Custom-built small lot homes for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Narrow Block House Designs

“Building a house can be a challenge, but Civic Steel Homes made the whole process a pleasure and the project ran seamlessly from start to finish… We are so happy with the finished product and absolutely love our new home.”

Gary & Lucy, Ascot



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Small Lot Home Designs

Inner city narrow block house designs are different, and they need to be clever.

They need to bring in natural light and still offer you privacy from neighbours. They need to offer a place for everyone to come together, while providing personal spaces for all the family. And they need to give you a sense of space, while keeping the internal planning very efficient.

We’re Small Lot design specialists and we’re fortunate in that our in-house architect is a master of great planning & design. If you’re focussed on quality of space rather than quantity, we can help with smart, functional, and well detailed solutions for tight spaces. With clever planning, you can build lots of house, even on a 400m2 block of land. In fact, we’ve achieved great spaces on 300 and 350m2 blocks.

But you do need to think through the design carefully and look at each space afresh – asking what you really need and what is most important to you.

Town Planning on a small lot

We’ll get a full report together on all the town planning requirements and get your design started in the right direction, within standard small lot guidelines. If you have special requirements outside of this, we can take you through any approval process required.

The ‘Small Lot Code’ applies to blocks that are narrower than 15m wide or less than 450m2, or a battleaxe site that is less than 600m2. In addition we will check for ‘demolition control’ and ‘character code’ overlays that can effect the materials, roofline and the style of the home to the street.

There are also privacy issues and site coverage rules that we will confirm before beginning design. For your approval you’ll also need a more detailed site survey that indicates the position and heights of the neighbouring homes. We will manage all of these things as part of our architect design & build process.

Smaller is Smarter

We find more and more that we are designing for just one or two people. On the most part, a large percentage of our work is for the baby boomer bracket who are moving through retirement and want quality design with low maintenance finishes. If you want a house designed outside of the usual family requirements and ‘re-sale’ assumptions, you are not alone. We encourage you to build what you need and nothing more – you are building for a large part of today’s market.

Innovative design on a small lot

Our focus is always on natural light, breezes and finding the right solution to give you protected outdoor living and plenty of winter sun.

There are many ways to open up a home on the inside – internal voids, high raking ceilings, open tread staircases and full floor to ceiling glass. These are some of the ideas that you’ll see in our finished Small Lot homes.

It’s also important to have great connection to outdoor areas and the garden. Long views through the home can give you outlook right across your block, opening up the space you have to work with.

Even narrow, 10 metre wide lots don’t have to stifle your new home ideas. We’re confident we can create a design solution for you that is contemporary/, stream-lined and spacious. And we deal with all the town planning requirements and approvals along the way.

You can enjoy all the exciting parts of the design process, leaving the rest to us.



We’re online 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday-Friday

Before we even begin to put pencil to paper, our in-house Architect and
your Project Manager will conduct a free onsite consultation
to discuss crucial aspects with you such as:

Town Planning

We’ll look after it all. We’ll research all the council and town planning requirements on your site and make sure our design complies with setbacks, height limits, site coverage, street front design, materials. Whether it’s the Small Lot Code or the Character Code we have a handle on what’s needed.

Small Lot Privacy

Before design work gets underway, we’ll get a highly detailed site survey that plots the neighbours property setbacks, heights and windows. This enables us to position your windows and planning layout to make your Small Lot your own private sanctuary.

Downsizing Trends

Design your home for what you need and no more. Gone are the days where you have to satisfy the larger family home buyer. Most of our work is for a discerning market that are downsizing and want simplicity and quality of space. We can show you some innovative and simple designs to inspire you.

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