Narrow lots have lots of potential.

Thinking about building on a narrow lot?

You’re not alone.

Narrow lot homes are becoming more and more popular, particularly in the Brisbane metropolitan area where the Brisbane City Council is strongly promoting subdivision to encourage innovation in creating livable, integrated communities”. Homes that are past their use by date are being demolished or removed, and a more appropriate design in sync with our modern lifestyle built in their stead.

However, your new home doesn’t have to suffer from “narrow thinking” – after all, there are no small lots, just small ideas. There are parameters that need careful consideration and every lot may differ. By-laws, zoning and overlays have to be internalized before design pencil hits the paper.

As always, Civic Steel Homes relish the challenge of designing and building a home on a compact block that most other Brisbane builders would no doubt find far too restrictive.

CivicSteel-SM-Manly-03Relying on our years of experience and ingenuity, we will make the most of every square metre of your lot, even if your home site is as slim as 8.5 metres.

We will ensure that absolutely no space is wasted; on the contrary, we’ll see to it that all available space is used to your best advantage. With efficient architecture, we minimise any wasted internal areas to maximize the outdoor living space.

The end result will be deceptively spacious, with a smaller footprint floor plan enclosing what appears to be much larger interiors.

It’s all about thinking outside the square…or in this case rectangle.



Civic Steel Narrow Lot Home # 2Not all small or narrow lot homes have to be 2 storey

Through clever design we can achieve all the space we need to accommodate your contemporary design ideas and features all on one level without cramping your style or compromising your comfort.

We will efficiently use the full width of the block (don’t expect to do much mowing) and as much of the depth as necessary.

Inside we will maximise open plan living and dining areas, and reduce or eliminate as much ‘dead’ space as possible.

We will also integrate full-height glazing to make the most of natural lighting so that your new home will appear larger and feel more open.

And of course we will naturally incorporate all the other sustainable features that make every Civic Steel Home so liveable and functional, including ventilation, insulation, site sensitive planning, thermal mass, power conservation and more. [See our “Energy Efficient Design” Whitepaper]

We also have the wherewithal to know how to overcome other problems often associated with narrow city blocks such as limited access, demolition costs, specific small lot code compliance, local authority relaxation requirements and so forth.

If you have a narrow lot, or are contemplating buying one, let’s talk. The sooner the better.

Call Civic Steel Homes now on 3714 5900 and we’ll answer all your questions, and start you thinking about what can be achieved when you have a real narrow block specialist creating your new home.