Our Philosophy | Stronger By Design

We are committed to providing homes that are functional, affordable and suited to our sub-tropical lifestyle. We strive to provide homes that are energy efficient, adaptable and sustainable as part of our commitment to innovative residential architecture in South East Queensland. We are committed to providing our clients with dedicated professional service, quality architecture and an extensive range of well researched inclusions that meet their expectations. As well as being consistent with our core principles, we will conduct ourselves in a way that our clients will be more than happy to recommend Civic Steel Homes to others.

  • Greensmart home design

    Civic Steel Homes were building Greensmart homes even before they were in vogue. We are sticklers for energy efficiency because ultimately efficiency is all about liveability – and that has long been a Civic Steel trademark.

    We are also supremely passionate about the environment and can customise our top quality steel-framed homes to virtually any shape, size or style whilst staying totally focused on the eco-footprint it will leave.

    As a sustainable Brisbane homebuilder, we can create climate-smart homes ideal for acreage living, inner city, narrow, hillside and any other challenging site. All designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and promote recycling. Little wonder we have a national GreenSmart House of the Year Award under our belt.

  • Focusing on Solutions

    We have been taking on the challenge of home design for sloping and difficult blocks for many years now. We have processes in place and professionals who assist in reporting as required and we can take the hassle out of designing on these sites. That leaves you to enjoy the design process and the end result.

    The main aim in our first few meetings with you is to assess the realisitc site costs involved in building on a sloping site. The costs aren’t just latter considerations that bring you nasty surprises in the way of extra cost. We will do a thorough feaibility study with you, get all the relevant site reports, compare costs on our recently completed projects and show you solutions that we have built in a similar situation.

    Before you even begin the design stage you will be thoroughly familiar with the options open to you for siting your home, what the challenges are, what the likely site costs are and the steps involved in taking you through the design process sucessfully and on budget.