Building the ultimate Sunshine Coast beach house

Having created beach house designs on the Sunshine Coast since 1997, Civic Steel Homes have got waterfront house design down to a fine art. We have the experience and the expertise to build in both timber frame and steel frame, and can build the ultimate Sunshine Coast beach house for you no matter how close to the water’s edge your land is. If you are building right on the beach front, here are the three main factors to bear in mind before setting out to design your new home…

Consider home design for the local climate

As always, all of our design considerations begin with the local climate. On the Sunshine Coast you want to protect yourself and your outdoor living areas from the colder winter winds prevailing from the south. At the same time, be sure to make the most of the summer breezes swinging from the NE and funnel these through the house to keep the inside as cool as possible. We have warmer temperatures on the coastal strip and can enjoy outdoor living and dining all year, but the success of your outdoor living depends on how you control seasonal cold winds and breezes.

Keep home maintenance to a minimum

Both inside and out, you want your beachside home designed for easy living, giving you more time at the beach, less time looking after upkeep. Where a salt water environment can make maintenance an ongoing task, we detail your home in claddings that have performed well for us over time; we fully galvanise and paint any structural steel or posts; we include the latest technology in decking treatments to withstand sun and weather damage; we specify fixings in detail to our trades so that no corrosion arises down the track; and we design your planning to cater for practical daily use. This includes access from the pool to bathrooms, easy use outdoor showers as you arrive home from the beach, good connection from kitchen to BBQ, informal access to your outdoor living for your visitors…and more.

Choose structural framework to suit

Beachside house designs are different to other Sunshine Coast home designs. The current Building Code of Australia states that if you are building within 300m of breaking surf, then you must build in timber frame, or another alternative to steel frame. In this situation, timber frame construction is no problem for Civic Steel Homes as we have completed numerous coastal properties and specialize in both forms of construction. Anything further than 300m from the sand and our steel frame supplier will provide a 50 year warranty on your steel frame.

With these three basics covered, you can focus on enjoying the design process and working with us to develop an exciting design tailored to you, your budget and your land.

To discuss your beach house design ideas, contact the team at Civic Steel Homes today on (07) 3714 5900

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