The Benefits of Building on a Small Lot

The Benefits of Building on a Small Lot

Small lots are extremely popular with our professional couples, busy families and empty nested alike. As our lives get busier and our spare time scarce there is a large sector of the market looking for smaller more manageable lots.  But with only a small amount of valuable footprint to work with the need for clever, well considered planning is essential.   


There are a number of reasons the market trend is moving rapidly towards smaller land sizes, and after more than 20 years of designing smarter, smaller homes for them we have identified the key reasons.


  • More manageable, whether you are busy, elderly or just would rather play golf than mow a big block the ease of property maintenance is a big factor in the small lot revolution.


  • More affordable, as a general rule the less square meters of land the smaller the asking price. This means that you can save on your mortgage or possibly get a few suburbs closer to the city or coast for the same price as a larger block further out.


  • Convenience, smaller properties around South East Queensland are generally closer to amenities such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, transport and community facilities. The thought of walking from your small lot home to the ferry, train or your favourite café is appealing to most, far more appealing than commuting in peak hour traffic.


When designing your home for a smaller or narrower property it takes a little more forethought and planning than for a regular, larger lot. Knowing the design parameters such as setbacks and heights before you start pencilling your dream home will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to council approvals and certification.