The Weekender article: Space saver

Compact houses allow you to live large. A tiny house is indeed a practical choice. In the past, bigger houses are more appealing to homeowners. As mortgages grow, many people are now considering living smaller and simpler. Micro-homes have so much to offer: lower utility bills, lower overall cost and the list goes on. It only goes to show that with the immense popularity of smaller homes, bigger is not always better.

Here’s why a small house has huge benefits:

More Savings. There are many different ways you can save money by living small. For one, less money is required for cooling, heating, home maintenance and even property taxes. You still get the comfort you get from bigger homes without breaking the bank.

Improved Quality of Life. One good reason why some homeowners prefer to live small is to improve their quality of life. For someone who used to live in a bigger home, living small can be a bit confusing, However, if you are going to look at the bigger picture, spending less time cleaning your home means you have more money and time to spend on leisure activities.

Less Clutter. Bigger homes get easily cluttered and cleaning time may take longer than expected. Why spend most of your time decluttering your home when you can spend quality time with your family? With smaller homes, you will be able to get rid of clutter easily. There is no need to make tough choices whether to keep your items or get rid of them.

A compact home is ideal for young families who find it challenging to get home mortgage loan approved or for Baby Boomers who do not want to feel lonely once children decide to leave the house. With less clutter, less worries and more money, any disadvantages associated with living small will surely be outweighed by the endless benefits.

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